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The construction of the Pfanner Palace began in the second half of the 17th century, under the wealthy Moriconi family, who was eventually forced to sell the estate in 1680, following financial troubles. The Controni family, affluent silk merchants, eventually purchased the beautiful residence. During the Controni ownership, major renovation and expansion work was commissioned on the building, under the famous local architect and engineer Domenico Martinelli. Filippo Juvarra completed the eventual expansion and landscaping of the garden during the beginning of the 18th century.

During the mid 19th century, Felix Pfanner (1818-1892), a brewer native to Hörbranz, Austria, gradually acquired the entire complex. Pfanner leased several parts of the premise beginning in 1846, eventually realizing Lucca’s first brewery. The Pfanner Brewery, quaintly located between the garden and the wine celler, represents a historic place were Felix Pfanner indulged in the production and serving of beer. The complex eventually closed in 1929.

Today, the building is still owned by the Pfanner family. In 1995, a meticulous restoration project was commissioned. The palace was reopened to the public for visits and also hosts various events.


Wedding receptions can be hosted in the stunning setting of the Pfanner Palace. The garden can accommodate 300 to 400 guests, while the residence can host a maximum of 110 to 120 guests.


The main hall of the residence can be booked for meetings and corporate events, offering various seating arrangements and group sizes.


Every year between August and October, the Pfanner palace hosts a series of chamber concerts titled “Suoni di Lucca”. The “Musica a Palazzo Pfanner” event is organized in collaboration with the Luigi Boccherini Chamber Orchestra, the city of Lucca and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca.


Please visit the Pfanner Palace website at: www.palazzopfanner.it.

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